Drone video and Photography

You Found an Easter Egg!!!

You have found a secret place on my website. A place to learn more about me.

My name is DJ and I was born and raised in Calgary and became interested in photography and video at an early age. 

When I am not making professorial videos for people I like to have fun with my drone and make videos for my personal YouTube channel.

I am currently on 2 YouTube channels and am working on more. More about that later, stay tuned...

The 2nd channel is with my wife Betty who is a card maker, and so we make videos together. And by together I mean she does all the work on her channel and I just help with the voice over. Yeah, together.

Below are a few of my favorite videos I have on YouTube.

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Here is my personal YouTube channel!

My YouTube Channel


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One of My Favorite Videos


 Trespassers .

Another Favorite


Spyware in your printer.

My Wife's YouTube Channel


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Her Favorite Video


Tips for alcohol inks and planning card layouts.

DIY Foiled Wedding Invitations


DIY foiled wedding invites with the Gemini foil press

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